Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is MyReportPlz Solution

MyReportPlz is a Cloud based solution that enables you to view your Pathology reports on different platform and devices simultaneously. A registered user can view all published reports with help of the registered phone number and secured PIN on website or mobile device.
If your Pathology Lab is subscribed to MyReportPlz Service, it will upload all your test reports to our Cloud system which is completely secured binary format. After complete authorization only, reports will be displayed to the user. User also gets ability to View / Print / Email Test Reports and also manages the reports online and in the mobile device as well.

How do I get access to the new mobile app?

MyReportPlz application can be accessed through our web portal as well as by Installing MyReportPlz Mobile App available on Apple Store and Google Play Store on the Mobile / Tablet Device.

How to Sign up on Mobile devices?

1. Visit App Store on your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch. | Visit Google Play Store on your Android device
2. Search for "MyReportPlz" App
3. Install the App and Sign up through mobile
    a. Click on Sign up on Login Page
    b. Fill are required information and Click Submit
    c. Don't forget to enter a secured 4 digit PIN
    d. Click on Confirm OTP and enter OTP sent on
    e. your registered mobile number
    f. OTP Confirmation successful
    g. Address Information is OPTIONAL
4. Login using your PIN
    a. You will see all reports published by our subscriber labs into your mobile
    b. View/Print/Email/Manage your reports

How to Sign up through Web?

1. Visit
    a. Fill are required Sign up information and Click Submit
    b. Don't forget to enter a secured 4 digit PIN
    c. Enter OTP sent on your registered mobile number and Click on Confirm OTP
    d. OTP Confirmation successful
2. Login
    a. Login with your Registered Mobile No. and PIN
    b. You will see all reports published by our subscriber labs in your MyReportPlz Inbox
    c. View/Print/Email/Manage your reports

Do I need to Sign up on Website and mobile platform?

No, MyReportPlz is a centralized system and uses single credentials for both web and mobile devices. You can sign up through web or mobile devices; and later login on either one using same credentials.

Can I register more than one numbers?

No, our current version supports only 1 phone number only on a single mobile device. You need to uninstall this app and install again if you want to change mobile number.

Can someone else view my reports?

MyReportPlz is a fully secured system in many ways so the authorized user may have access to his/her report. Some of the security features of our platform are :
   • Reports upload on secure and encrypted network. Implemented SSL security
   • Reports are stored in binary format, No Physical Files exists on server
   • Secured PIN Access to the system
   • 5 concurrent wrong PIN access will disable login for next 30 minutes
   • OTP validation for Identity Verification of Registered User

What If I forget my secure PIN?

Secured PIN can be reset only with correct combination of Mobile number and Date of Birth. PIN will be sent to user on the registered mobile number and email. Our Security features will be optimized in subsequent releases.

What If I lost my phone or phone will be stolen?

No one can login into the MyReportPlz App without secured PIN. Secured PIN can be reset only with correct combination of Mobile No. and Date of Birth. Data is stored in encrypted binary format on your device, hence can not be accessed and copied.

As a user, do I need to pay any fees for using this application?

No, MyReportPlz App is Absolutely Free for the Patients and App Users. You don’t need to pay anything to access this application on web or mobile device.

Is this application stable, what if I get error or not able to see reports correctly?

This platform is maintained and run by a professional organization. We have dedicated support team where we work on the enhancement and any support issue 8 X 5 days. You can provide your suggestions/issues by submitting feedback form OR by sending email at We will get back to you within 24-48 hours with permanent / temporary solution.

At time of login, application shows Loading Messages, what are these?

Every time user logs in to MyReportPlz Mobile App, the app syncs its data with the centralized cloud system and download any new reports on the mobile device. This is an extremely fast and optimized process which keeps your mobile device ready with all the reports to view in offline mode.

What If I accidently uninstall or delete this application or my device operating system reinstalled?

MyReportPlz is a centralized system and all your report data is stored there. In case of application deletion, You simply install the app again and log in using your registered Mobile No. and PIN. It will synchronize all your reports, custom folders again on your mobile device. So, you lost nothing.

What if my lab doesn’t support MyReportPlz Application?

We as a company taking this initiative very seriously and making our sales and business team to get it subscribed with all labs and hospitals. But a consumer feedback has no match in terms of promotion. So we request you to talk to your nearest Lab to subscribe for MyReportPlz Services if it has not done yet.

Can I get Pathology reports of other members of my family too on same device?

Yes, MyReportPlz system is designed in a way that all reports are associated with a phone number that you provide in Pathology lab. So you may get all your family members report on the same registered mobile number.

Can I share these reports with my doctors or friends for advice?

Sharing is one of the very important feature of this application. Application provides you option to Email your report as attachment though the configured email account on your mobile phone. You can share hardcopy of the report by using Print report option.
We also provided an Ad-hoc report view feature where you can share your Report Code and your mobile number with your doctor. Doctors can see the report simply by entering your Mobile No. and Report Code (No Registration Required).

Are our operations legal and authorized?

Our company is a legally registered company. We bound by Indian legal system and all our Terms and Policies and well integrated. At the time of sign up, we suggest our users to check our Terms and Policies

Why is MyReportPlz offering the mobile app?

MyReportPlz is an initiative to optimize and save your time and effort with usage of Technology. For complete benefits check out our youtube channel MyReportPlz.

Which devices does the app work on?

Currently we supports Web platform (Desktop, Laptops) and Android (Phones and Tablets), iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

Which browsers work best with the new app?

The app is optimized to best support multi–touch screens of today's most popular mobile devices. The app is supported by Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer and Google Chrome browsers on the mobile as well as computer devices

Where can I download the new app?

Our mobile application MyReportPlz can be downloaded from Apple Store and Android market.

How much does it cost to purchase the new app?

There is no cost to obtain access to the app. The app is Free!

Are my reports safe on the server, Can it be deleted due to Hardware/Database crashes?

All Data is backed up on regular basis and safe from any kind of hardware damage due to technical or natural calamities.